Rational Americans

National Debt Threat

The U.S. NATIONAL DEBT is now over $19 Trillion and growing; our government is broke — printing new money is out of the question. When a government is in debt, politicians to whom national security and the public welfare are not priority #1 are provided with the excuse to make the self-serving pitch for "smaller government" which, invariably, results in spending cuts to social programs, especially those which are so vital to the poor and the middle class, e.g., Social Security, but never to their own perks and salaries!

♦ ISIL still controls territory in the Middle East and continues to terrorize our European allies.
♦ Aware of U.S. economic weakness, Vladimir PUTIN’s expansionist aims instill fear all around Russia.
♦ CHINA, flexing it’s economic muscles, has begun challenging U.S. power around the world.
♦ BRITAIN, our greatest ally, is now shrinking its armed forces and military budget due to its own
  economic woes.
♦ The above notwithstanding, because of our gargantuan national debt, the size of our ARMED FORCES is
  shrinking — when it should be growing!  This is not the time to take any chances with our NATIONAL
  SECURITY and that or our allies.

♦ The U.S. POPULATION keeps growing ─ technology, productivity and outsourcing will continue to
  shrink the jobs market; the future does not look good for American workers.
♦ A COLLEGE EDUCATION, provided FREE in many countries, is too expensive for most U.S. students,
  who must incur large debt obligations only to find no employment after graduation.
♦ CHANGING WEATHER PATTERNS (giant storms, droughts, etc.) will require far greater U.S. resources
  in the future.  Given the size of our national debt, such a scenario becomes quite sobering.
♦ Our "ancient" INFRASTRUCTURE keeps crumbling and this, too, will require great financial resources.

♦ The U.S. has to become solvent so our government will have the funds necessary to deal with the
  situations mentioned above and those which will no doubt come up in the future.
♦ To become solvent, we must replace our unwieldy and unfair 75,000-page-plus behemoth which
  nobody understands and which has been masquerading as a tax system for decades.  The sad truth is
  that the U.S. tax code is setup to benefit those who already own the vast majority of our country's
  wealth at the expense of the American middle class.
  Question: How can we replace our our unwieldy and unfair 75,000-page-plus behemoth?
  Answer: The Fair Automatic Simple Tax ("FAST")!