Rational Americans

Lifetime Tenure

It would be ridiculous and naïve to expect any positive change from those who benefit from the status quo and endeavor to hold on to power when that change, in effect, would limit or quell their own power.

The sad truth is that most politicians' objective is to remain in office for as long as possible in order to secure all the perks the "job" has to offer and staying in office requires lots of money these days. Responsible legislative activity, therefore, takes second place to "fact-finding" junkets and vacations. In 2014, U.S. Congressmen, who earn a salary of $174,000 a year, "worked" only 113 days (only 9 days in September).

The same old platitudes, ideas and empty promises will not change the status quo.  If we continue selecting our future candidates in the "same, old way", in the future, we'll wind up with "the same old politicians" in office and nothing will have changed; national insolvency, economic inequality and a dwindling middle class will remain the order of the day.  Only future legislators with concrete and verifiable ideas can make meaningful change possible in our society.

However, we cannot select candidates and then let them fend for themselves.  The fact is that, if we let future legislators to their own devices, no matter how "patriotic" or well-intended they may be at the outset, they will eventually succumb to the lure of Dark and special-interest money to stay in office — this is what most human beings are inclined to do and it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

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