Rational Americans

Chronic Unemployment

Wake up! What you're about to see will scare you, and we're doing it intentionally!  Our aim is to shake Americans our of their dangerous state of complacency.

The Population of the United States, like the rest of the world's, is growing daily. This is an inevitable reality which, if not properly anticipated and handled, will inflict severe hardship and pain for all Americans and the world alike.

A growing population requires more jobs to be created in order to keep the work force employed and able to maintain a decent standard of living. This is true for our country and for every other country in the world.

Technological advances such as robots, software, etc., which increase productivity and reduce the need for blue and white collar workers, will no doubt raise future unemployment rates to dangerous and unacceptably high levels.

Job outsourcing by indifferent U.S. corporations will further increase the ranks of the unemployed, who will be forced to compete for whatever unskilled, low-paying jobs are left in our country ~ or starve!

A constantly-increasing population, when combined with ever-decreasing job opportunities, will trigger a state of Chronic Recession that would spell disaster for our country ~ and our security!

A state of Chronic Recession would force countless unemployed, disillusioned breadwinners to fend for themselves in any way they could ~ for many young Americans, probably through criminal activity.

Automation and increased productivity will remain constant goals that will not go away. Those politicians who promise to bring American jobs back are either being disingenuous or ignorant of the reality of today's global economy.

Critically-necessary infrastructure and other energy-sector jobs that cannot be outsourced may help with future unemployment.  However, without substantial public resources and aggressive planning, these jobs will be impossible to create.

Let's face it! Only a solvent — and prepared! — U.S. Government can possibly have a chance to provide all the resources and the planning necessary to deal with the inevitable, massive employment gap which looms in our not-too-distant future.

The Bottom Line
A. The U.S. Government must become solvent ~ as soon as possible.
B. To become solvent, the U.S. Government must generate enough tax revenue.
C. Our tax code does not generate enough tax revenue to make the U.S. solvent.

A Solvent U.S. Government Is Possible
Making the U.S. Government permanently solvent can easily be done in a transparent, gradual and painless manner — even while lowering tax rates for all Americans.  All we have to do is elect candidates committed to replacing our current tax code with the Fair Automatic Simple Tax ("FAST").