Rational Americans

Lobby Reform

Solution #3

Our political system has been hijacked by special interests and it's time to take it back!  Through the use of armies of lobbyists, special interests are able to spend vast sums of money to buy influence from countless politicians ~ and their staffs ~ who are willing to protect their interests in "the best government that money can buy" ¹.  In addition, this flagrant venality has created a system which can only be construed as revolving-door-politics in which politicians and/or their staff members leave their positions only to be hired by special-interest groups as lobbyists.  Then, these "new lobbyists", using their "connections", are able to funnel money back to the politicians and the cycle starts again.  But just talking about Lobbying Reform is not enough!   That's why Rational Americans has a plan!

¹Will Rogers

All lobbying of elected officials, whether direct or indirect, unless in writing and subject to public scrutiny, shall be prohibited.

No individual who has been employed as a lobbyist, directly or indirectly, shall be eligible to hold any type of public employment.  This limitation shall include political aids, political appointees, civil service employees and all elected officials and their staffs.

Elected officials and their staffs, or government employees, shall not be permitted to work as lobbyists, directly or indirectly, after leaving office or government employment.