Rational Americans

Other Rational Reforms

Along with lobbying reform, the following reforms, would contribute toward making our political system more rational and equitable.

All political advertisements ("ads"), irrespective of method of delivery, including but not limited to radio, television, the internet, texting, blogging, printed media, etc., should be subject to verification of content.  In the event that the contents of any such ad should be proved to be false, misleading or intentionally designed to mislead or libel, said ad's authors and sponsors should be held responsible for its contents and subject to a future agreed-upon penalty.

In the event that any elected official or government employee shall be found guilty of any felony or crime whatsoever, the severity of any applicable penalty for said felony or crime should be at least 3 times that which would otherwise be imposed to any other American citizen.  In addition, any and all benefits forthcoming to any such individual as compensation for government service, including pensions, should be deemed forfeited and cancelled.

No commutation or pardon should be allowed to be granted by a sitting president to any individual, including but not limited to staff members and political contributors who, directly or indirectly, shall have been connected to said sitting president at any time during said president’s tenure and whose conviction shall, directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever, be related to said connection.